I come from a background in power lifting.  Cardiovascular strength and endurance were never part of my training.  After my early twenties came and went I stopped going to the gym regularly.  The weight piled on and with it came a whole slew of health related issues, and I was unable to train the way I did before.  Shortly before my 32nd birthday I walked into my local gym and asked to meet with a personal trainer.  Marcos was the trainer on duty at that time.  We sat and talked a bit about my background and his.  When our talk finished I decided to give him a try.  He worked with me on developing a routine that blended Olympic style movements (my comfort zone) and core strengthening movements (definitely not my comfort zone).  Using only my body weight Marcos showed me how to correct my form and aligned myself.  From there we moved to light weights used in combined movements to help strengthen all of the smaller muscles that I didn’t know I had.  All the while upping the intensity to help train my heart to function better.  Flash forward a few months later and I am definitely in better shape.  I am back to power lifting but at a much faster pace, with only 30-60 seconds worth of rest between sets.  Using what I learned from Marcos and applying it to Olympic style lifting I have seen my strength go through the roof.  I am in better shape/condition now than I was when I was competing!  I can’t thank Marcos enough for his time and patience while helping me through my journey.  I would gladly recommend him as a trainer, but more importantly I am glad to count him among my friends.


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