HealthyMind What is Functional Health Coaching?

  • A holistic way of thinking about wellness based on the understanding that the body’s natural state is one of health and vitality.
  • Is not about diagnosing or treating disease.
  • Instead of focusing on specific conditions or symptoms, a functional approach looks at the whole body non-specifically; making observations, identifying hidden, physiological stressors that are at the core of disease and seeking healing opportunities.
  • Uses numerous different types of specialized, functional laboratory tests to help identify hidden stressors within the body in the areas of digestion, detoxification, hormones, cellular health, immune function, and neural tissue health.
  • Once stressors and malfunction are identified, holistic and drug free approaches are used to support the body, stimulate innate healing potential, and gently guide the mind and body back to a state of balance and optimal function.
  • Embraces bio-individuality; healing protocols are highly customized to the person and their unique situation rather than to specific conditions.
  • The rapport and trust within the client-practitioner relationship is an integral part of the healing process.
  • Functional health practitioners spend a significant amount in both consulting with clients and behind the scenes on continuous review of case files, reviewing lab results, doing research when need be, designing custom protocols, and providing email support.
  • Seeks to provide roadmaps, guidance, and mentorship in a way that empowers and inspires clients to take the reins of their own healing journey – and lives.
  • Clients are presented with and coached around an opt-in, self-care model of building health that will foster deep healing and sustain them for a lifetime.
  • Seeks to educate about fundamental health building principles as represented by D.R.E.S.S for Health Success®. Within this model, clients are supported and educated on all areas of rebuilding their health including: Diet, Rest, Exercise, Sleep, Stress Reduction, and Supplementation (targeted).
  • Functional medicine considers the whole person and how he or she interacts with his or her environment. It also emphasizes the connection between mind, body, and spirit.
  • Balance/Homeostasis = Health and Wellbeing Imbalance = Stress and Illness.
  • Emphasizes minimizing the toxic burden on the body by eliminating as many environmental stressors as possible.
  • Understands and teaches that the foundation for health begins with a cultivating a mindset for healing and transformation, establishing a nourishing lifestyle, and optimizing nutrition.
  • Embraces the importance of breaking destructive mental patterns and letting go of mind-stories that hijack the present moment and trigger the stress response.
  • Encourages self-kindness, extreme self-care, and the establishment of healthy boundaries.
  • Embraces and teaches that deep healing requires patience, active participation in one’s own healing, and willingness and courage to address all aspects of healing.
  • Views illness, regardless of the diagnosis, as a state of dis-ease. When the mind-body system falls out of balance, a person can longer adapt to and overcome physical, physiological, emotional, mental, or spiritual stressors.

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